Note Owners Manual

Do you know what the “amortization schedule” is on the Note you hold and how to use it to make sure that your Note is insured properly?

Did you know that an under insured Note could cost you a small fortune? Who is listed on the insurance policy? If the payee on your note does not have insurance and something happens to the property, where is your security? You can lose your entire investment by not knowing the facts.

That is a critical question. What are your rights and obligations regarding the payment of taxes and your Note? Are your interests being protected or are you exposed to what could develop into costly litigation down the road? Has the payee on your note paying property taxes on time? If not you could be liable.

When your note goes into default, what are your rights as a note holder?

The Note Owner’s Manual will give you the information you need to address all of these questions and many more. With it, you will be able to take the proper actions to ensure that your Note is a valued asset and not a potential liability.

Filled with easy-to-understand tips and a wealth of information, the Note Owner’s Manual provides you with the practical financial assistance you need to manage your investment. It covers all the key subjects in relation to buying, managing, and selling Privately Held Mortgages, Mortgage Notes, Trust Deeds as well as Land Contracts.

The Note Owner’s Manual provides you with the information you need to produce a good ball-park estimate of what your Note is worth in today’s market. Also included is a full amortization schedule, a full glossary to give you the knowledge needed to navigate through the technical financial jargon, a Payment Record Keeper, full details on how to handle all the stages of a foreclosure without getting burnt, and much more.

The Note Owner’s Manual is an invaluable resource for all Note Owners, something that gets referred to again and again because it enables you to protect your asset and could literally end up saving you thousands of dollars.

For a limited time only, Cash Flow Investor Funding is offering its Note Owner’s Manual, for FREE.

Why would we offer our Note Owner’s Manual for FREE? Because we are confident that an educated Note Owner is potentially our best customer.

We believe that a great many of our future satisfied customers should be prepared. Prepared for the possibility of being approached by one or more of the unscrupulous individuals who will promise big bucks, get a person locked into an agreement and then pay them a fraction of the original amount promised for their Note.

We at Cash Flow Investor Funding are not pushing “Fast Cash”. Be very careful with any person or firm that is!

You should feel confident and well informed when making any and all decisions relating to the management of your finances in general and your Note specifically.

Simply¬† supply us with your full name and email address and we will send you a link to download you 95 page “Note Owners Manual” today.

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