Note Brokers

Cash Flow Investor Funding Inc. is broker friendly, and will assist new
note finders with their first and/or all difficult or “off the wall” deals.

Note brokers

Our company started at the street level as brokers. Today Cash Flow
Investors is a principal investor in a wide variety of cash flows. We also
work with local investors and investors nationwide to secure cash flow notes.

We have  assisted thousands of brokers, new and experienced, in getting
deals closed and putting real income in their pockets. Our “street level”
experience and approach gets results.

Cash Flow Investor Funding can provide funding for nearly any secured cash flow.
Our expert staff always get top dollar on every deal.

Our top priority at Cash Flow Investor Funding  is getting you the cash you need.
Don’t waste your time hunting for a buyer…we’ll do the legwork to get you the best
offer on any/all of your deals.”

Cash Flow Investors is not restricted by in-house committees on “how”
and/or “what” we can buy. As such, we encourage brokers to submit a
completely filled out submission worksheet on every deal they’re working
on and let’s take a look. Simply put the words “BROKER” in the comment box
when submitting a note and we will contact you to discuss with you.
Have a questions on a deal in the works? Direct your
question to us here at this web site.

Need a Broker Package? (please read carefully)

Our web site IS our Broker Package…we do not have any packages to
mail out. All company criteria is here at the site. Additional company
information and paper worksheets, factoring applications etc., are available
via e-mail attachment upon request.

A worksheet only is typically all we need to initially evaluate an income stream.Do not fax every document in existence simply to get a quote. We’ll let you know
if/when we need anything more than the worksheet.

We work with retail Note brokers only or note finders..

Please read

Retail brokers:

Retail brokers or note finders as they are sometimes referred to, simply submit note details to us and we reply with a bid. If seller accepts bid, broker signs a “Broker Fee” agreement and we take over from there, collecting all documents, doing drive-by property appraisal and UCC search, which normally the Broker would be required to pay ($450-$1000) and Broker gets paid a pre-agreed upon fee upon closing (normally around $500-$1000 or more depending on size and value of note) .


Mobile Homes, Single/Doublewide on land or in park where the
caller is RECEIVING the payments.. Single family mortgage notes, automobile notes, structured settlements, trust deeds, land contracts, debt, business notes with land and large portfolio’s.

The following is a basic criteria of what we look for in a note. This will save you al ot of time and frustration in submitting notes to us that we cannot work with:

1. SFR Notes with min 6 months of payment history, min $100,000 remaining balance and LTV  85% or less.

2. Mobile Home Note with or without land. Min 6 months payment history, min $25,000 remaining balance and LTV
    85% or less.

3. Business note with real estate. We do not buy business notes without real estate as security. Min 6 months payment history, min of $100,000 and LTV of 85% or less.

This will give you a basic guideline to go by. Please do not send us notes outside the parameters. We don not want to waste your time, your clients or ours. If you have any questions on a note that falls within the above parameters, please email or call and will gladly assist you.

IMPORTANT: when submitting a note to us, the following must be included –
1. The reason why note holder is selling

2. The dollar amount the note seller thinks is fair market value for their note (this will
save you and us a lot of time for note holders that are only shopping and not serious
about selling their note)



1. Notes where the property buyer put no money down.

2. 2nd lein notes

3. We do not buy business notes without real estate

4. We do not buy REO’s

5. We do not buy undeveloped land notes (must be fully developed land with
water, sewage and electrical capable)

6. We do not deal in double brokering of notes. Please make sure if you are submitting a note to us that you are
 in direction contact with note holder and not getting the note from a 3rd party.

Written or e-mail confirmation will be sent to you when we receive your submission. Cash Flow Investor Funding  will obtain all documents and do the negotiating. We only ask that you gather the basic information required to fill out the proper worksheet. We’ll do the rest.

When an agreement is reached between Cash Flow Investor Funding and your lead, you will receive notification and a projected closing date, along with a broker agreement with exact amount you will receive.  Exclusivity of the lead for Cash Flow Investor Funding is required for 90 days from its receipt. The lead may not be presented to other investors or buyers during this 90 day period.

We will invest initiative, creativity and funds to create the conditions for closing. If the lead is “close-able” we’ll close it. If the lead is deemed “undo-able,” you will be notified and you can proceed as you would like with the lead.

Qualified leads are the only requirement for your success! Be creative and inquisitive. Seek fresh, “workable” leads. Ask questions, be curious, offer help, make friends. Don’t wait…Just do it!

True testimonial:

“Basically, all I did was give the information to Cash Flow Investor Funding. They took it from there. They had to overcome some problems with the deal, but when it closed, I received my check. From my point of view, it couldn’t have been easier.” J. Jackson, Memphis, TN

What’s New

Don’t have the time to deal with cold calling, dealing with customers and finding leads. We have the perfect solution…..

Our FREE Note Brokers Website Affiliate Program:

How To Find Notes

Finding notes takes an investment of your time and/or your money. If you have money but don’t have a lot of time, you can simply place advertisements in lots of newspapers and do quite well over the long term. If you have more time than money and are willing to work hard, you can still be successful. Remember to have business cards made up. This is VERY important. There are over 100 ways to find notes. Here are some of the better methods:

Newspapers: An easy way to find notes is to place your own ads in the classified section of as many newspapers as you can. Here’s one that works well:

*** CASH *** QUICK ***
For your owner financed note. Most any structured cash flow purchased. No fees. Call (your phone number)

It’s inexpensive and it makes the phone ring. The drawback is that you’ll have to explain to many callers that they can’t sell the mortgage they’re PAYING on, but that might be preferable to spending the extra money on a larger ad to explain it (a lot of them would call anyway). Or, you might try an ad such as:

If you sold your property and are RECEIVING payments on a note, I will buy that note for CASH! Call

Put your ads where people will see them. If you have the funds, try display ads in the sports or comics section. If you can’t afford that, use the big papers sparingly (Sundays only) and concentrate on the small-to-medium sized newspapers. Try out-of-town papers, too, especially if you live in a place where you see lots of competition from other note buyers.

Don’t forget the “shoppers,” those free all-classified ad papers (the Thrifty Nickel, Penny Saver, etc.). Ads in shoppers are cheap and can be effective, but you have to run them for months to get results.

The secret to finding notes is PATIENCE. Frankly, you won’t get many calls, just because the percentage of people who own notes isn’t very high. The more papers you advertise in day after day, the more calls you’ll get. Keep running your ads, week after week. Rural, small and medium-sized papers can be ideal – they’re cheap and you have no competition. A good criteria is this: If you’ve located no notes after two months in a larger daily paper, 6 months in a small town daily or 1 year in a weekly, drop the ad for 6 months and then try again. If you just hit those averages, you are doing just fine.

Look around your area for homes for sale. See our FSBO link. This is a proven method we use daily with long term
results. Your helping the home owner sell their home quickly and creating a note for you to broker.

What will you say when people call? Just use the enclosed Note Information Form. Ask the questions on it, copy down the information and fax or mail it in to us. Tell them someone will get back to them if they ask questions you can’t answer.

Networking: If you’re going to be an active note finder you have to let people know about you. It’s a long process before you get results, and the principle of “out of sight, out of mind” applies. You have to keep reminding people that you’re out there waiting for notes. Obviously, you should concentrate your efforts on people who are in a position to bring notes your way, primarily real estate agents and brokers, title company employees, bank trust officers and bank loan officers, and attorneys with a real estate practice.

Look for advertisements placed by real estate agencies promoting their top producers. These are the leaders in the local real estate community. Call them and tell them you’re looking for “owner financed” notes and ask them to call you with any they know about, either now or in the future. You can even offer them a modest referral commission, say $100 for every note they bring you that is purchased (when you’re making $500 or more for one phone call to the note owner and a fax to us, paying the agent $100 is smart!). Note that in some cases real estate agents are prohibited from receiving such commissions, but that is their decision, not yours.

Follow-up with a brief letter and enclose your card – or, better yet, your own rolodex card! You could have some color rolodex cards printed with “CASH FOR NOTES” on the tab, and your name, phone number and other information on the card, and hand them out to real estate agents and others. Keep in touch with these folks with a letter every couple of months and it will begin to pay off.

Make a habit of dropping in on every open house you see, look around a little bit, and then get the conversation with the agent around to your real purpose: let him or her know you buy notes. Be sure to leave them with your card (or rolodex card) that indicates you buy notes — in fact, give them several to pass around their office. Follow up your open house visits with a phone call or personal letter to the agents, thanking them for their time and reminding them you buy notes. Ask them to tell other agents about you, and send more cards they can pass around the office and post on the bulletin board.

Networking shouldn’t be restricted to real estate agents. Attorneys, accountants, title company officials and bankers often have notes crossing their desk. Use the personal contacts you already have with these people to let them know you are interested in notes. A tasteful letter indicating the same, mailed to names you find in legal directories at the library or simply culled from the phone book, may produce results. Your letter must be low-key and professional if you expect results.

The Bulletin Board Method: You can always put up little signs on community bulletin boards advertising that you buy notes. Remember that the stores, community centers and other establishments that permit notices remove them on a regular basis (such as every two weeks). It becomes almost a full-time job just to keep your notices up. If you’re going to do this, you’re eventually going to have to hire someone like a high school student to do the legwork.

This technique has one great advantage: you can do it yourself for free. Therefore, it’s a way you can get started this afternoon with no up-front investment. Be sure you handwrite your ad, and use the same wording advised for your newspaper ads. Handwritten ads are much less threatening than printed ones; simply write it out with a black felt-tip pen and have it reproduced on index cards at a quick print shop. Put up your cards with a stapler, which is much faster and less expensive than thumbtacks. Print “cash for mortgages” and your phone number on tabs they can tear off.

Again, this is a method that requires patience. You have to keep putting your notices back up and keep working at the program. This is really a supplement to your other efforts and should not be your only method. The downside to the bulletin board method is that the response will be so poor that you could be discouraged from notes altogether, which would be a disaster. If you try this, convince yourself not to expect any response at all. Then you might be pleasantly surprised.

MOBILE HOME NOTES: Contacting Manufactured Home Dealers: Often dealers will be sitting on Mobile Homes they have sold and held back the paper on. Some dealers may have several notes and could just be looking for YOU. Many times these dealers will want to cash out on notes for quick cash or other motivations. Call them and ask. You may be surprised. Remember CASH NOW has value and money in their pocket NOW is worth more than money over time.

Drive Through Mobile Home Parks: Driving through a Mobile Home park allows you to access the type of home notes we would be interested in purchasing. If you talk to neighbors, even those selling their home, you may find an owner who is desperate to sell and needs money now. Mobile Home communities are small and active. They are breeding ground for leads since many neighbors communicate with each other on a regular basis. I make it a point to stop into the main office at any mobile home park I see and drop off a stack of business cards. I explain briefly to the office manager what we do. Most of the time they or someone they know have a privately held note and will be more than happy to give them your card. Once you start to see results step up to a more professional brochure.

For more assistance, please contact us. We are here to help you.

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